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I’ve moved…YET AGAIN!!!

This time I swear I’m not moving for at least two years…I signed a lease today! Muahahaha

anyway…you can now find me at:


yep, that would be me!  I decided it was time to have my own house again.  Not that living at wordpress.com hasn’t been fun and all, I just wanted my own home.  I found the most fabulous digs at http://www.blue host.com.  It’s only 6.95 a month and you should see the square footage!!!  Oh me, oh my!

So, there you have it, one more redirect and we will be done for at least two years.

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Virginia is definitely NOT on my list of desired places to live!

They are getting ready to enact some new laws and fines in good old Virgina…some very pricey fines!

• Driving on a suspended license: $750

• Reckless driving (such as aggressive driving): $1,050

• Driving under the influence and related offenses: $2,250

• Felony convictions (such as leaving an accident scene): $3,000

And those cost don’t include the court costs or the fines.

For instance, the civil penalty for going 20 mph over the speed limit will be $1,050, plus $61 in court costs and a fine that is typically about $200. What gets me is that “agressive driving” is considered reckless driving now. Agressive driving is strictly in the eye of the beholder.

When we lived in VA, P got a “reckless driving” charge due to sliding on ice and hitting a road barrier (he didn’t hit anyone else). So, if that happened after July 1st (say next winter) it would cost us 1,311.00 to pay it off. All because he slid on some ice and avoided hitting anyone. The police and troopers in VA classify any type of accident as reckless driving, no matter the cause. I knew someone who was rear ended and she got a reckless driving charge as well for “driving in an unsafe manner on a public street”. ????

Another friend of mine was cited for reckless driving because she didn’t wait until the person in the crosswalk was all the way on the sidewalk, he had one foot still in it, the other one was on the sidewalk.

I can understand it for people that are clearly doing those things like driving after drinking, or driving on a suspended license or doing 100 in a 55 mph zone. That I can understand. Alot of people, however, get charged with stuff just to increase the amount of the fine. And VA is clearly upping the fines for the cash, they said so. I always thought fines were supposed to be a deterrent and as a “there, have a lesson at the expense of your wallet”, not to be a cash cow for the state?  The weird part…these fines are only for VA residents.  If you have an out of state license (hello–Norfolk is the world’s largest Navy base?) the fines are totally different.  Wow..talk about hating your residents, huh?

Of course, this doesn’t surprise me. Virginia is the home of the “tax and the fine”! In order to have a car, we had to pay a city tax, a state inspection fee and taxes on our license plates every year. Luckily, we were in the military and got most of it waived..all except the yearly inspection fee. If you were a resident of the state, you got screwed. That would have been one reason why all our vehicles were registed in P’s name…he was a California resident!

I’m SO glad we live on the other side of the country. You couldn’t pay me to move back to that state. They can bloody well have it.

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Another reason to love Ikea!

I was browsing today around the internet and stumbled across a web site that was all about modern furniture.  As I scrolled through the pages I was taken aback by the prices of some of the things.  Not being one that figure if it costs more it’s better, I decided to do some comparison shopping.

tn_1391.gif                                                        60108_pe166056_s2.jpg

The red one is 2,998.00                                                       The black one is 399.00

Design wise, they are pretty much the same. The dimensiona are very close  and the lower priced one does come in red.

tn_0461.gif                  20706_pe039125_s3.jpg

This one is 160.00                         and this one is 14.99

It’s almost like the “other” store went to Ikea, swiped their designs, produced the stuff and increased the prices by ten times over or more in some cases.  Sheesh!

On the other hand, it’s nice to know I can have the same designer look for a tenth of the price, right?

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I totally forgot!!!

Today is the finale to the mini series “The Starter Wife”.  A sad thing (it seems that everything I love has a very short life span), but I’m dying to see how it ends.  I’m so hooked on this thing, it’s not funny.  I would love for it to become a regular show, but I know the whole premise wouldn’t allow for one.  Anyway, it’s on in a mere 30 minutes…whoo hoo.  Dinner tonight is frozen pizzas or something quick..I’m not cooking, that’s for sure.

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Sniff, only 88%?

I am 88% Addicted to Coffee

I am 88% Addicted to Coffee

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Maybe I’m not as much of a geek as I thought I was?

Has anyone noticed the lines of people all over the United States that are forming for an iPhone?  Is it me, or does this seem a bit excessive?  I struggle with justifying the 300.00 phone that I own.  Yes, I do make good use of all the features it offers, like email, web, pictures, phone, mp3 player and the other myriad of things.  I didn’t pay full price for it that was for sure, but still you get the idea.

I just don’t get why people are willing to sacrifice their plans (and most will have to pay a penalty to cut it short) and then spend 500.00 on top of that for a version 1 of something that we all know will be upgraded in anywhere from six months to a year?   Yeah, It’s cool, and yeah, I would love to have one. I have toyed with the idea, yes.

Why I’m not getting an iPhone?

  1. It’s 500.00, that is roughly 95% of my tutition this summer.
  2. I love my wireless carrier and dont’ want to change.
  3. Americans have enough of a pr problem about our gross waste and abuse of everything and how we have to have bigger and better..why perpetuate that?
  4. I would rather take my 500.00 and donate it to helping Annie Modesitt’s family. Her husband has cancer and they need all the help they can get.

There are more reasons “why not”, but I’m tired and those are the most important four.

I just can’t justify it beyond my love of gadgets.  Oh, I would totally like to be able to justify it, but alas, I can’t.  Sigh.  So, I will live with the one I have, which is a great phone and offers great service.

If it’s not broken, don’t fix it. (although I do have a 250.00 credit on my account so I might upgrade my phone in a bit.)

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I’m bored

I’m beyond bored!!!  Class is horribly hot and the subject matter is going horribly slow.  I hate when I totally get something, but no one else gets it?  Gah.  I’m working on tonight’s homework and half way listening and I’m falling asleep.  Snore.   I think it’s just between the heat and the lack of interest that’s putting me to sleep.

I’m going home today and taking a nap!!!

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What is it with the internet today?

It’s been iffy at best?  I finally figured out how to download the powerpoint slides from school to my computer here at home.  I have to grab them at school and email them to myself at home from there!  Damned server at the college!

I spent the better part of class today fixing the printer.  Yesterday, someone sent a print job while the professor was lecturing and he got pissed and turned it off.  Well, there was paper in it, so it jammed.  The jerk that had his print job turned off…he sent about about 500 pages worth of printing to the printer just to jam the que up.  Assholes.  I had to take the toner out, un jam it, then wait for the que to start up…then I had to wait and try to cancel all those jobs.  The printer was finally free of stuff about 1pm (I started at 11am)!  Asshole and if I figure out who did it, I’m decking their ass!

But, other than that, class rocked today.  I totally get it, through and through!  Ah, I love that feeling.   Good thing I did my homework last night as today we got more!  Talk about moving at a fast pace, sheesh.  Nascar has nothing on this class.

This afternoon, I have some laundry, homework, dinner and dog park with the babies.  I’ll take them after dinner and just study at the park or knit.  I like to knit out there as it’s nice and peaceful.  Besides, with Templar, everyone wants to come up and talk to me about him.  He’s such a “people” kind of dog.

I’ve decided against making the panta from the novelty yarn.  I’m going to switch to something else.  Nothing was wrong with it, I just didnt’ like it after all as a headband.  I I’ll peruse patterns this evening after the dog park and see what I can find to make out of it…I do love the yarn.

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Blearyed eyed, oh yes.

Now that I have stopped laughing from the previous post, I can say I’m not thrilled to be awake this morning. Perhaps having a class at 10 is still too early in the morning for moi?

I have been up for 30 minutes and I already need a nap. Blech.  When I get home today, I have to do laundry, I have nothing to wear to school and that sucks.

I started a “panta” headband last night, but the yarn I’m using is a novelty yarn, so I think I’m going to deviate from the pattern and just make a straight headband out of the beginning ribbing on it.  It will still look beautiful because of the yarn, but if I followed the pattern it would be huge! So, I’ll deviate and it will still function and be gorgeous.

Now, I’m off, traffic is a bit much today I hear. Plus, I need a nosh before class.

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I just had to know?

Lana had a cool “blog rating” on her blog, so I thought, why not?

Online Dating

Mingle2Online Dating

Muahahahahaha…..me? Muahahahahahaha…I may die from laughing over this one!!! Who knew yarn was so publicly dangerous??? Muahahahahaha…I have tears in my eyes! Muahahahahahahahaa

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